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We are property managers, specializing in Apartment management in Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond and Tulsa Oklahoma.  Our focus is to provide honest, professional management services, and to build long-term relationships with our clients.

 We build these relationships because our clients learn quickly that they can trust us, and that we deliver exceptional performance. JMJ Management, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality service consistent with our client’s needs and objectives.  

We believe in honest and ethical business practices. We live by those guidelines, and we train our staffs around this. We live our lives this way, and we want our customers and clients to rely on us to give them the very best management in the country. Hiring JMJ Management LLC, to work for you will partner you with a company who is honest, who has a strong work ethic and who believes that our customers and employees are to be treated with kindness and the utmost respect at all times.

We have built our reputation by taking under performing properties and turning them around, and by taking a performing property to a higher level. By devising the proper marketing, management, and capital improvement plans and services we can move an under performing property into a profitable category, and can move performing properties to the next level of success. Our hands on approach expedites the leasing process by minimizing the down time of each unit, and thus maximizing income for the owners.

If you are an owner who has a property that you want to perform better, then we are your answer. Our systems, knowledge and experience, gained from over 25 years of multifamily management, will increase your bottom line. When we work with owners, they get results. From evaluating a single area of operation, to complete property management, you will be satisfied with our performance. If you are a broker who needs an expert to assist in a sale or purchase, then we are your answer. As a broker, you can refer our services to your clients with the confidence.

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